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Find a local automotive locksmith by searching with your zip code
Find a local automotive locksmith by searching with your zip code
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What is an Automotive Locksmith?
They are locksmiths who have extensive knowledge and specialized training in making and programming keys and keyless remotes for cars and trucks. They have equipment that meets the needs of today's high 
tech vehicles. Many newer vehicles need the use of special computers and equipment to "program" the vehicle to accept the new key or remote.
Why not use the Dealership for my replacement key or remote?
The advantages to using an automotive locksmith are price and convenience.  Most dealerships will charge more than an automotive locksmith will.  If you choose a mobile locksmith, you also have the convenience of having the automotive locksmith come right to you.  If all keys are lost you do not have to waste time and money having your vehicle towed to the dealership.  That is a convenience you won't get from a dealership.
In addition, automotive locksmiths are frequently called into dealerships to handle tough jobs.  In the same way one goes to a Podiatrist instead of a family doctor for a foot problem, you'll get the best service with a specialist like an automotive locksmith rather than a dealer.
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